A great limited edition Blenko decanter with Noel sandblasted on the front. This decanter is approx. 10 inches high and is sandblasted on the bottom 2002. It's the second in a series of special Christmas decatners Blenko started making in 2001.
Item #noel $65.00 includes shipping
This is the other decanter second in the series sandblasted Joy on the front and also sandblasted 2002 on the bottom. <
Item #joy $65.00 included shipping
Joel Myers design #6939 in olive green. Not often seen and it measures about 18 1/2" tall. Decanter is optic, without chips, crack or nicks. What a great decanter!
Item #blkjm40 $200.00
SOLD Joel Myers design #6833 in Olive green with Turquoise trim. Condition is like new, clean and beautiful! Stands about 8" tall.
Item #blkjm33
Blenko design #8727 in Dusty Rose. This piece is 13" high and in like new condition. Very nice piece, the catalog shows this as a vase or candleholder.
Item #blk87 $55.00
Joel Myers design #6843 in Olive green with Turquoise trim. Measures approx. 8 1/2" tall. Condition is like new, clean and beautiful!
Item #myers $85.00 includes shipping
Don Shepherd design #789L in Azure measuring approximately 34" high, with two interchangeable tops. It was originally made with this bowl top and in addition to it, a special order was placed for a large plate top too. It's a one of a kind piece retaining it's stickers.
Picture with the special order huge plate.
SOLD! Remake of the #5815L in Sea Green. Blenko remade this in 2002 and it measures 31" high, is sandblasted "Blenko 2002" on the bottom and is in perfect condition.
Item #blkwh56

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